Link Baiting

With our link baiting service, we will generate relevant “link-worthy” content for your website. We will then ask you to publish it on your website and promote it with social media. This is an ethical method to build link popularity and improve TrustRank in search engines.

Why Link Baiting Service?

As the online competition keeps increasing, webmasters are developing new strategies and approaches to stay on top of the search engine competition. Link baiting is one such concept in SEO. The basic idea of link baiting is to create a totally unique concept and have it circulated in highly trafficked media. If the content you published really has something unique, it will interest many visitors and many websites will place links to this content in their website. This will generate natural one-way links to your website. We will ensure that your article is made available to many visitors by publishing it in high-traffic social network sites. The number of one-way links will continue to grow with time. Google will certainly notice your website because the increasing one-way links will invite the search engine spiders. Moreover, building one-way links this way is totally accepted by Google. Matt Cutts, one of the most respected SEO wizards, says that link baiting is a highly “search engine-friendly” SEO technique. Also, you might be surprised to see that the number of one-way links to your website has grown dramatically in a year. (Matt Cutts is engineer with Google and is been with Google from last 10 years) says about Link Baiting.

The million dollar question is: Where will those thousands of visitors come from? They will come from Digg,, Google, Yahoo Groups and other similar networks through our networking efforts. It is our responsibility to help you build a powerful article / blog post that you can use to attract visitors.

Advantages of Link Baiting Service:

  • Keep your site fresh with unique and original content.
  • Have search engine visit your site frequently.
  • Quality and Organic one-way links for your site.
  • Quick exposure to a large number of visitors.
  • Brand name establishment and promotion.
  • Generation of an unlimited number of links over a short period of time for every successful campaign.
  • Your site will be search-optimized for hundreds of different keywords.
  • You’ll attract abundant traffic to your website.