Pay Per Click Management

Are you confused, frustrated, and spending too much with your Pay Per Click accounts?

Are you struggling to make your account work correctly? Perhaps you are going through your daily budgets really quick with no results. Sometimes, you may not have implemented the correct programming or settings in Google, which are hurting your account, the performance of your advertising campaign and ultimately your bottom line. Don't make costly mistakes with your marketing dollars, in view of the fact that more often than not you won't know you've made a fatal error until it is too late and you're out the money.

Are you not getting enough leads and sales?

You need leads to get sales and sales to stay in business. However, when it comes to online marketing, your account needs to be professionally setup and managed in order to get relevant traffic to your website. Having relevant traffic and quality leads is what you need and we can help you with that goal.

Are your click through rates and / or quality scores low?

Click through rates and quality scores are two of the most important aspects of your account which help determine what you paid per click and where you are ranked. If you do not know what these are, then contact us. If you do know what these are and want to improve them, please contact us too. Nevertheless, having low click through rates and quality scores is like having a low credit score - you'll always pay more.

Are you implementing new and advanced techniques that are available within Adwords or Adcenter pay per click interfaces for optimal performance?

Too many times when people setup and manage their accounts, there are crucial settings and advanced programming features which help give your program the edge but are never implemented. Most times, this is not done because the advertiser does not even know such features exist. Other times, one just does not understand or know how to do it. The major search engines have so many advanced options and features that should really be taken advantage of but most times, are not.

Are you involved enough in your pay per click account to make sure it is performing as effectively and efficiently as possible?

Let's face it. You have a business to run and do not have enough time to properly maintain your pay per click account. You need someone to monitor, analyze, run reports, look for new features to implement, make tweaks, adjustments and more or less, make sure that the account is running as effectively and efficiently as possible. This is why you should consider having professional ongoing account management.

So, what is next?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions above, please contact Vast Vision for your free consultation. What we find is that nearly all clients who tried running pay per click accounts themselves are getting clicks and impressions that they should not be getting which vastly uses up 50-75% of their budget. And, the incredible part is that they do not even know this until we run reports and show them. We also find that accounts are disorganized and not setup properly with wrong geo targeting, out of proportion bids, lack of adgroup and campaign relevancy grouping, setting mismanagement, little or no advanced programming tools implemented and many other things which all lead to subpar or poor results.


We can help!

The good news that a Google Certified Partner and highly rated TopSeo's company is here to get the job done right for you the first time. Choose VastVision to professionally setup and management your pay per click advertising campaign. Contact us now for your free consultation.